Expunge Those Old MCS Marijuana Convictions


It’s expungement time for your old conviction for growing marijuana.

When the legislature legalized marijuana, they also changed Oregon’s expungement law. This change allows for expungement of convictions for growing marijuana. Before these changes, MCS Marijuana was a class A felony and was not eligible for expungement.

While the new law has been in effect for a while now, I still hear from a many people who aren’t aware of the changes. I have met a lot of good people who don’t deserve to be labeled felons. They have lost out on jobs, promotions, and housing just because they grew marijuana. I have also talked with people who have felony convictions from the 1970s and 1980s. They assumed that the convictions were so old they wouldn’t appear on criminal background checks. Criminal background checks now go much further back in time than they used to, so it’s a good idea to have all convictions and arrests expunged – no matter how old they are.

Shortly after the law allowing for MCS expungements went into effect, I argued the issue in multiple courts throughout the state and educated judges and District Attorneys on this very important change in the expungement laws regarding marijuana cases. I am happy to report that I have helped hundreds of former recreational marijuana growers clear their records.

If you have a conviction for MCS, DCS, or possession of marijuana, I urge you to call me to discuss your case. Let’s get your record cleared so you can move on with your life.


Arrested in Portland for Commercial Sexual Solicitation?


Arrested in Portland for Hiring a Prostitute? You may be able to get the case dismissed through the community court program. This program, unique to Multnomah County, is for people charged with Commercial Sexual Solicitation, a Class A misdemeanor. Commercial Sexual Solicitation was formerly known as Patronizing a Prostitute, or Prostitution.


The community court program is not available for people charged with prostitution related felonies, such as Promoting Prostitution and Compelling Prostitution.

If you successfully complete the program, the judge will dismiss your case. The program requires that you remain crime free for 6 months and that you attend a 1 day “Johns” class. The class costs around $1,000. The class is usually offered on a Saturday. It is held once a month, or once every other month. If you live out of state, you will need to make arrangements to attend the class. But, I may be able to have your appearances in court waived.


Many people believe that once the judge dismisses the charge of Commercial Sexual Solicitation, the records are automatically erased. This is not true. There are still court records, DA records, and police records we will need to have sealed (commonly called “expungement”).

We can begin the process of having the record of arrest (or citation) expunged as soon as the judge dismisses your case. Once the judge signs the expungement order, you may swear under oath that you have never been arrested or cited for a crime. We can also take steps to ensure that the record does not appear on any internet background searches.

I have worked with many people accused of Commercial Sexual Solicitation and Prostitution related crimes. I understand and appreciate my clients’ needs for discretion. And I work with them to resolve their cases and expungements as quickly and smoothly as possible.

A Big Thanks


I received this e-mail from a client a few weeks ago:

“I am in receipt of both letters and all signed orders sent from your office. It was quite emotional reading them and coming to the realization that this chapter of my past is now closed, and truly behind me. Thank you again for your guidance, expertise and advice. It is a good day for me today. With kind regards and sincere appreciation.”

This is one of the nicest thank you notes I’ve ever received. It made me think about how lucky I am to be working in a field that I love with the added bonus of being able to do something good. What a great combination!  In the future, this blog will cover legal issues, changes and trends in the areas of DUII, criminal defense, and expungements that might affect my clients.  But I couldn’t think of a better way to start off a new blog than with a big thank you right back to my clients, both current and former.  Thank you for putting your trust in me.  For handing over your future to someone you’ve just met. For passing on my name when your friends and family need me. I recognize that criminal charges have a huge impact on your life, and I take them as seriously as you do.  I’ve had a great twenty years practicing criminal defense and can’t wait to see what the next twenty will bring. Thank you.